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Before a club can meet at Fairfield Junior High School, the attached application, a proposed club budget, AND the club’s revised parental consent form must be completed and submitted by the current year deadline—FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for approval until the following school year.   

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Club Application and Parent Consent Form

Fee Disclosure

The club applicant must create a club-specific parental consent form which identifies for parents the club’s goals and what activities the club will be doing during meetings. Applicants should download this form and fill in the required information as it pertains to the proposed club. This revised parental consent form should be turned in with the application so it can be reviewed before handing it out to FFJH students. Once approval has been given for a club, each student requesting membership in the club must submit a signed parental consent form to the club supervisor. 

All proposed clubs must meet the criteria set forth in the Davis District Policy 5S-202 Authorization of Student Clubs and Organizations and the Utah Student Clubs Act.